Phoenix Metal Trading Truck
Our Equipment
We have a fleet of 10 trucks and a variety of trailers to service industry. We have containers ranging in size from small totes to 40-yard roll-off boxes, or we will custom build containers to your specifications. Our list of containers includes:

  • 3X3 Bins
    Stackable 4X4 Bins
    Stackable 4X6 Bins
    10-yard roll-off boxes
    20-yard roll-off boxes
    30-yard roll-off boxes
    40-yard roll-off boxes
    Van Trailers
    Roll-off Trailers
    Self-dumping hoppers
    Gaylord boxes
    Plant Equipment

We have everything necessary to process your scrap efficiently to give you the greatest return. Our plant equipment includes:

  • Harris Automatic Bailer
    Upstroke and downstroke balers
    Hydraulic Shears
    Bobcat Loaders
    Oil and coolant separating system
    Secondary water reclamation system
    Shaker/sorting tables

Once your scrap is processed, it is marketed to mills, foundries and specialty consumers around the world.