jonathan-colner Phoenix Metal Trading FounderJon Colner Having close to 40 years experience in the scrap metal business, the founding member and owner of Phoenix Metal Trading helps maintain our customer base. He sees to it that our customers receive the attention they deserve. His hobbies include flying, both rc models and full size aircraft, photography, drumming to rock or jazz, and spending time with his grandchildren.

steve-bancroft-150x150Steve Bancroft With a diverse background in the scrap industry from helping to run his family recycling business in the 70’s and 80’s to corporate experience with some of the giants of the scrap metal industry, Steve brings a “can do” attitude to Phoenix Metal which spreads among the whole staff. It is Steve’s responsibility to sell everything that comes through our plant, whether it is aluminum cans or cobalt-nickel alloys. But his duties don’t end there – he isn’t adverse to jumping on a forklift and loading a truck if that’s what needs to be done. Steve travels to China regularly to keep up the relationships he has built with the many buyers he has come to know over the years. He also sets the prices for scrap and maintains our inventory. Before coming to Phoenix Metal Steve ran the non-ferrous department of one of the largest scrap metal companies in the country. When he isn’t working he can be found at the track on his motorcycle or on the road with his family. He has four grand-kids so far.

ian-james-150x150Ian James Our resident Grand Am and Rolex Sports Car Series Champion is a true “jack of all trades” who can do practically anything. With a background in racing and all things mechanical he can diagnose and fix whatever you can throw at him. He helped design and spearhead Phoenix Metal’s roof mounted photo-voltaic system which generates nearly two thirds of the company’s peak electrical demand. When he’s not racing, Ian can be found in the yard, helping wherever he is needed, or at any of his many customers, who he treats with a personal touch that is rare in our industry. Ian has developed markets for several previously untapped sources of material for the company, including florescent light ballasts and other electrical components that now make up a significant percentage of our overall business. He continues to bring in new customers including some of our largest producing ones.

buster-izbicki-150x150Anthony “Buster” Izbicki is the second most senior member of Phoenix Metal and the one with the most knowledge about the customers. It is his job to monitor incoming material and to make sure each of our customers is paid fairly and accurately. Buster’s background includes 15 years at a family owned scrap company where he learned “the ropes”. It was his responsibility to weigh and log in all the incoming industrial scrap and to load much of the outgoing.  He has a great working knowledge of the scrap industry and knows what it takes to make a business work. If you call in for a price, chances are that you will talk to Buster.

bob-nichols-150x150Bob Nichols is our newest team member who focuses on outside sales. Bob formerly ran a well known aluminum extrusion plant here in Phoenix and his knowledge of materials and methods has helped our company grow. Bob has an affinity for the outdoors and enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time.

marsha-holsen-150x150Marsha Holsen At the center of operations, Marsha is our dispatcher and transportation manager. She is the one you will talk to if you need a container switched out or if you need to schedule a truck to take an outbound load. Marsha has many years experience in the transportation sector having worked for other scrap companies as well as Twin Modal.

Pascual Herrera Most scrap yards have a public scale and Pascual runs ours. If you bring material in for sale yourself this is the guy you will deal with. He brings a smiling good nature to a difficult job and is well liked by our clientele – he is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Tony Garcia With a diverse experience in the scrap industry, Tony runs our baler and its surroundings. He can operate any piece of equipment and repair it as well. He is well liked by the men and gets maximum performance from them as well as the machines he watches over. Tony had an extensive background in the scrap metal business even before coming to Phoenix Metal and helped run the non-ferrous department in one of the largest scrap companies in the southwest.