environmentalScrap metal recycling is one of the oldest Recycling industries around, although a lot of companies sell on the recycling element, the industry as a whole is not the most environmentally conscious.

IMG_0314-300x200PMT is fully compliant with all EPA and ADEQ requirements but has also taken additional steps to be No 1 when it comes to Green issues and is the leader in its region when it comes to metal recycling. Many companies talk the “green” recycling story PMT lives it. Through our transformation process we have built up knowledge and expertise in this field, as a service to our customers we would be happy to share with them how it is possible to take a positive positioning in this area and help them get ahead of the curve and potentially impending regulation. PMT is a Solar powered facility. Our solar panel array generates 70% of our electrical consumption.

pmt-logo-green-72Companies often produce several different types of recyclable waste during production and day to day operations. This leads to multiple vendors and programs for each type of recyclable material which can be a drain on company time and personnel. PMT’s complete care recycling program offers its customers the option to deal with one company for all their recycling needs. If we can find an option for you to make money on your non metal scrap we will, if not we will find you the most cost effective way to process it. PMT strives to make the recycling process as efficient and seamless as possible, working together for a Greener future.