Phoenix Metal Trading, Inc. specializes in industrial plant pick-up of recycling material generated from the manufacturing process.

Phoenix Metal Trading is your best scrap metal recycling vendor. Our pricing, payment terms, professionalism and response time make us a leader in our industry. Call us for a scrap metal pick-up. We will respond the same day whenever possible. We are never later than the next workday.

We offer assistance in development. We create full recycling systems for industrial customers. Recycling systems for scrap metal, paper, cardboard and plastic. We can reduce your waste stream of these non-metallic items and We will bring you more revenue in return. In addition we receive scrap metal from the public during business hours.

Customer Base

From individual peddlers to Fortune 500 companies, Phoenix Metal Trading has worked to build long-term relationships, which in turn, has helped to bring additional business opportunities to our customers. We service companies throughout Arizona as well as California and Mexico.

Our customers represent a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, defense/military as well as government agencies on the Federal, State and Municipal level.

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